12 6 / 2014


Presidential Election Winner By State 1972 to 2012

The first year I could vote in the presidential election, Indiana FINALLY went blue. Coincidence? Yes.


Presidential Election Winner By State 1972 to 2012

The first year I could vote in the presidential election, Indiana FINALLY went blue. Coincidence? Yes.

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21 5 / 2014

How to Write

An awesomely honest piece from  about her life as a professional writer. I consider it a good thing that I actually want a life like hers. It means I kind of know where I’m going, right?

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14 5 / 2014

Excuses for Not Writing (or Blogging)

Why haven’t I blogged in over a week? Let me counts the excuses.

1) Extra load of freelancing.

2) Husband is stressed about finals that basically decide if he gets into med school and fulfills his dream of being a doctor. Thus, I am stressed as I want husband to be happy and fulfilled.

3) The weather is too pretty; how can I not be outside moving?

4) Cleaning as family is coming into town a few…

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05 5 / 2014

Quick Tip for Setting the Tone - Transition from the real world to your novel’s world

When you go a day or two (or three or seven) without working on your novel, it can be difficult to pick it back up and keep the same tone and mood.

My quick tip is to create a playlist that matches the tone you are going for in your novel. Sometimes I use multiple playlists, one for more serious scenes and another for when my character is a bit happier. I’ve listened to the same song on repeat…

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04 5 / 2014

Sunday Inspiration: Donna Tartt - Pulitzer Prize Winner

Donna Tartt, Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Goldfinch, writes only about a book a decade, but they are worth the wait.

Learn more about the author’s journey to writing and thoughts on literature in this LA Times article.

And to be clear, while Tartt inspires me to believe you don’t have to have a Master’s to be an amazing writer, I in no way believe that I will ever have half her talent.…

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01 5 / 2014

Pros and Cons of Writing for Work - when at heart, you’re a creative writer.

I’m beginning to question how good of a decision it is to base my career around professional writing when what I really want to do is creative writing. So, as with all things I question, I’m making a pro/con list.

PROS of writing professionally:

  • Technically I’m using my degree.
  • The job plays to my personal strengths and abilities.
  • Employers are used to people who haven’t written much since high…

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28 4 / 2014




Ira Glass on Storytelling.

Talks about what nobody tells people who are beginners.  

Really good. :-)

Everyone who is a writer, please listen to this. You won’t regret it.

See it

Yes, this. This is where I am.

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27 4 / 2014

Sunday Inspiration: Sarah Dessen - From Waitress to Writer!

Sarah Dessen was one of my favorite authors as a teenager, and I may or may not have reread all of her books this last summer.

If you’re looking for good teenage romances/beach reads where the female leads are strong and smart, you should definitely check her out!

And of course, like all the Sunday Inspiration writers, she didn’t get into writing through an MFA or by working at a publishing…

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24 4 / 2014

Dealing with Writing Burnout

Today I feel overwhelmed by just all the writing I have to do for work, and it makes the very idea of writing on my own time seem almost unbearable.

This week I’ve written a lot of blogs about digestive health for my full-time job (hemorrhoids are just so exciting). For my freelancing I’ve written ads for nose jobs (which I wholeheartedly don’t agree with) and web content about allergies.


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22 4 / 2014

Besides being the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen is the Mother of All Marketing.


In the new world of social media, writers are asked to participate in their book marketing more and more. Being able to mention a social following in a query letter may even be a way to get your manuscript (or at least your first chapter) actually in front of an agent’s eyes. (more…)

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